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In-School Field Trips

Crazy Science offers a series of hour long modules that are designed to complement regular classwork.  All modules start with a brief conversation to review concepts that are critical to understand the subject.  These modules conclude with hands-on experiments that are designed to reinforce the concepts that are key to understanding the module.


The following are a few exampled of the Crazy Science In-School modules

  • Buoyancy

  • Flight

  • Sound

  • States of matter

  • Circuits​

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What Teachers and Students Say

"All of our 2nd grade students loved the interactive, hands on learning that Mr. Ken provided while helping them understand the science behind it.  Some favorites include making and testing boats, building a circuit, and learning about stages of matter.  This was a wonderful opportunity for engaging, age appropriate learning."  —T.B. 2nd Grade Teacher 

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