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About Crazy Science

Crazy Science provides entertaining and educational science programs for elementary school children.  All of our programs are hands-on and include enrichments classes, summer camps, in-school field trips, birthday parties, and special events in the San Diego area.

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About Ken Clapp, Owner

In 2018, I saw Steve Spangler on the Ellen Show for the first time.  Steve is known for turning science into amazing experiences that inspire kids.  And did he ever inspire me!  A few weeks later, I roped a friend into running a backyard science party for 7 kids that was full of “crazy” hands-on science experiments.  We all had so much fun that I quickly planned another backyard science party.  I began hosting these parties regularly and inviting more and more families to join us.


About a year later, my twins asked me to host a science birthday party for them.  It was a complete blast!  Soon after, I started teaching an After School Enrichment program at my kids’ school.  Naturally, I called the course Crazy Science.  My goal was to inspire my students to develop a love of science by blowing their minds with exciting, hands-on science experiments.  I wanted to help the kids develop a better understanding of scientific principles and leave them eager to learn more.


Teaching Crazy Science classes has been an incredible experience, and it has allowed me to merge two passions of mine: (1) playing with really amazing toys…I mean…learning about science; and (2) fostering a love of learning in my students. There is nothing quite like seeing a kid’s jaw drop when they are participating in a mind blowing science experiment or demonstration.  I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to teach elementary school children about how truly exciting science can be and to inspire them to want to learn more about it.

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